Stream Young Futura’s funk-fueled R&B single “Wallflower”


Young Futura symbolizes the alliance between two artists: Washington DC’s Beau Young Prince and French producer Futura. The names Young and Futura are close to the hearts of both of these artists as they happen to be their names given by birth. Influenced by their respective cities and cultures, Young Futura translates their surroundings and experiences into smooth and enriching musical melodies. Futura’s exploration of various musical genres creates a unique theme for each bass bumping jam. His tracks provide the perfect space for Beau Young Prince’s nod to revivalist flows. As a rapper and lyricist, Beau is smooth, positive & groovy – spitting wisdom and unforgettable harmonies. Young Futura gives listeners a groovy funk and future hip-hop cocktail to sip on; representing a charming euphonious collaboration.
The duo attracted the likes of the film industry and composed the main piece track of the 2016 movie “Nobody Walks in LA”, receiving the Critic’s Choice Award at the Newport Film Festival as well as Best Soundtrack Award at the Long Island Film Festival.
Their new single (out today) “Wallflower” has been selected to be part of one of Microsoft’s biggest video game release, Forza 4.
Young Futura says: ‘Wallflower is a timeless record that we are very proud of. The track was written overnight and created over several weeks after that. We linked up with Charlie Wilder aka DJ Captain Planet who helped us add the secret sauce and brought Patrick Bailey’s guitar into it. When we wrote Wallflower, we were influenced by the era of music where people danced like crazy in the function. We love how you would hit the disco and spend all night getting down. We just wanted to bring that fun back into music! The message of the song is very important to us: the willpower to overcome your fear, inhibitions and get your back up off the wall. If this song can help get anyone out of their comfort zone or take a chance with someone or something new, we’d feel like our mission is accomplished. Being a Wallflower is part of each one of us, we just need a little push to bloom.’

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