Julia Michaels // Inner Monologue Tour

Before releasing her very first single “Issues” as an artist herself in 2017, now 25-year-old Julia Michaels was writing hits for pop stars such as Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, and many more. Though she is still penning hits for top-charting artists, her own project has completely taken off over the last couple of years. With her unique writing style and conceptual bodies of work, Michaels has proved that she is an honest and open artist who is ready to share her deepest and darkest secrets with the world.

Michaels’ vulnerability has cultivated a huge fan base, accumulated by creating what she calls a “safe space” for anyone who listens to her. Her live shows encourage dancing, jumping, and feeling deeply, while discouraging judgement and negativity. This has also given her the opportunity to speak openly about her battle with mental health and let fans know that they’re not alone in the struggle to overcome or manage anxiety and depression.

Michaels opened her set on Wednesday night at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN with the popular songs “Pink” and “Worst In Me” off her debut EP Nervous System. She followed those with her hit collaborative single “I Miss You” that was released with the British electronic band Clean Bandit. Michaels continued with a mix of songs from her two latest EPs Inner Monologue Part 1 and Inner Monologue Part 2, including singles “Happy,” “Hurt Again,” “Anxiety” feat. Selena Gomez, “Priest,” “What A Time” feat. Niall Horan, and many more. 

The show overall was exciting and intriguing. From the mini marching band kind of dancing on stage to the head banging that naturally came over Michaels, you can’t help but feel that she was born to be a star and make a positive impact on people’s lives. She even split the audience in half to come right in the center of her fans and perform a few songs for the attendees in the back. Be sure to check out the Inner Monologue Tour at a city near you!

1. Pink
2. I Miss You
3. Make It Up to You
4. Worst in Me
5. Heaven
6. Deep
7. Into You
8. Hurt Again
9. Happy
10. Fuck You (CeeLo Green cover)
11. Apple
12. Falling for Boys
13. Priest
14. Anxiety
15. Uh Huh
16. What A Time
17. Issues

by Acacia Evans

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