Charli XCX & Tommy Genesis // Nashville, TN

Charli XCX

It’s Charli XCX’s world, and we are just living in it, baby! Charli has been quite literally and constantly redefining what we think of when we hear the phrase “pop music.” Since the days of performing at warehouse raves & parties that her parents would drive her to in London (according to her interview with Ross Golan on his podcast And The Writer Is…) in 2008, Charli’s been bending the rules of standard pop music, adding elements of electronic, punk, and dance like no one else has done before.

Charli has had major commercial success with her chart topping singles such as “Boom Clap”, “1999” with Troye Sivan, “Break The Rules”, “I Love It” with Icona Pop, and “Fancy” with Igga Azalea, but has also created her own niche world of electro-pop music with select artists she feels is doing the same – those who are bending rules and changing norms. Being an outspoken ally for the LGBTQ+ community and a gender equality advocate, it makes sense that she would be such a strong female force in this industry.

Her most recent album, Charli, is critically acclaimed and contains insane collaborations with artists such as Lizzo, Kim Petras, Clairo, Sky Ferreira, and many more. She is currently on the Charli Live Tour supporting this album and also performing songs from the Vroom Vroom EP and Pop 2, along with various singles. Charli’s high energy performance kept the crowd in Nashville (full of her extremely dedicated fanbase) wide awake, screaming every single word along with her and jumping up and down. View photos from her show below & make sure to purchase tickets to a date near you here!

Act I
1. Next Level Charli
2. Click
3. I Don’t Wanna Know

Act II
4. Vroom Vroom
5. Gone
6. Warm
7. Cross You Out
8. February 2017

9. Thoughts
10. White Mercedes
11. Official
12. Shake It
13. Track 10 / Blame It On Your Love
14. Silver Cross
15. 2099

16. Unlock It
17. I Love It
18. Boys
19. 1999
20. 1999 (EASYFUN Remix)

Tommy Genesis

by Acacia Evans

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